"........................love her style and her art is amazing"

Hazel's debut album 'Adventures Into The Monochronium' Click on CD cover to listen to the title

                                                                                 Quote from Editor of Dorset Magazine

Hazel Evans is the Visual Artist in Residence at Lighthouse Poole, the leading arts centre in the South West of England where she developes her art through inspiration of the performing arts, exhibitions and collaborative work.

Hazel explores words, music, stories and performance through illustration, visual art and performance. Her engaging style has been likened to Tim Burton, with black and white works that energetically communicate her fantastical art.

Hazel Evans is the creator of The Monochronium. Said to have a 'Warhol Factory' feel about it, The Monochronium first launched as a developmental exhibition showcasing the production of art in a live environment with a monochrome colour palette. Hazel's 'Monochronium'  explores words, music and illustration, in a black and white world and features working collaborative work with other artists. Adventures Into The Monochronium is the next step of the journey as Hazel takes on a voyage through the concepts of travel and time and finds a host of colours and flavours in this limited colour palette.

Lighthouse is the home of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO) and Hazel has developed a particular affinity for music and dance as a source of inspiration for her art with the BSO being a strong influence. 


Currently undertaking studies for an MA in Illustration and Contemporary Performance, Hazel's work is developing and changing. You can see some examples of her new work in Art Practice, but more will be revealed as the projects develop.


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