Moving into self expression through, art, dance, creation, opening to body wisdom

Becoming the art of life


Transformational events, courses and books moving you to your highest self

Transform Yourself


Hazel shares her inspirational story to move you into something bigger than yourself

Be Inspired

"Open your eyes and see the magic of life. 

Close your eyes and see the magic of yourself." 


Artist ~ Performer ~ Inspirational Speaker ~ Priestess of Love

"I create from the soul. Diving deep into what it means to be present and experience life in the fullness of simply ... being oneself. Taking off the masks, being seen, sharing a story and moving with authentic intuitive expression.

Drawing on life experiences as a multi-sensual journey, I interpret the inner and outer workings of life though body and landscape. 

Like a note taker in the great library of the Akashic Records, I make marks on paper, move the body to take another step on the path and express with the voice of the soul."

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