Writing the novel that has been waiting to be written

It had been 10 years since my last massive 'yes' to my soul calling and it was now time for another one. So at the end of 2018 it became clear that I had to hone in and focus on one project. An unfinished work. My life work. 

With the support and encouragement of family and friends, 2019 is providing me with the opportunity to take my life work to the next level by finally writing the book that's been growing inside of me for years.

This is a story that appeared to me a the end of a big exhibition several years ago now, when I looked on the back cover of the album that I had cretaed with Momo:tempo and saw a whole story unravel through me. 

This novel is fantasy fiction, but it is a story of one woman, falling into journey losing her way, finding her way and waking up to a greater truth of herself that could have never happened had she not had taken this journey. Yes, a story that I, along with many others I'm sure, will resonate. 

It is therefore my intention to write this book with all the power I have as a creatrice. To translate messages of life through the visions I create in the words I write. To inspire others to believe in themselves, no matter how difficult the path gets, even when we feel stuck in the blackest of places, transformation is always possible. This is what I know. So this year I am immersed in it; writing, drawing and singing my way through the landscapes of this story so I can bring it to life in the way it deserves.


To keep the energy of the book flowing and to keep me inspired, I have been deepening my personal path of sacred women's wisdom, learning from indigeouness cultures through ceremony work, shamanism and initiations, wisdom of nature, plants and the elements. As well as continuing to hold sacred space for other women to grow and learn from what I can share. 

Nature is my teacher, how she runs through me, opening me to the magic of life!

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