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I Am Divine Course & Art Book

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€67 - PERSONAL ONLINE SESSION - 1hr - Have a session with Hazel to get you started on your journey or for support along the way. Tailored and guided according to your personal needs and journey.

I Am Divine - AN EXPERIENCE - including online course and stunning creative journey workbook.

Let's colour, meditate, move and celebrate our magnificent selves together as we journey with the powerful energies of the moon and the wisdom within our sacred feminine bodies. 

"Spending time with Hazel is definitely recommended for anyone!!"     R.S. from Holland

"I am on a wonderful Divine Feminine Creative journey! Hazel has created a beautiful book that helps you tune into your Divine Feminine Wisdom and Creativity, what a joy!"   M. Holland

"What beautiful guided meditations - such a nurturing voice, thank you for putting so much love and time into all your work for other women like me to dive into as well"   E. From England

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More than a book, this is an experience of embodying the Divine Feminine and creatively connecting to the Goddess energies within yourself, to Mother Nature, to the Universal Oneness and align with the innate divine wisdom of your higher self. This is an invitation to experience your feminine essence through a series of guided creative journeys. To connect to your body, soul and inner landscapes through colour, sound, movement, meditation and listening to your intuition. Open your body as a vessel of love and sacred sexuality, releasing your creative expression.

The illustrations guide you through the phases and cycle of a woman's life, her moon cycle and phases of the moon. They are a celebration of the wisdom held within the female body in relation to the moon and true essence of woman. They were created by the author using sacred geometry to illuminate and energise the divine feminine vibration. 

This is a beautiful journey of self love for all women, beginners and experienced alike. To deepen the connection with your true self, your shine and contribute to raising the vibration of heart centred living on this planet for all beings.

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