"Inside the minds of lines, dots and marks

Are tickets to places with warming heart sparks."

40 Pages of Pilgrimage - A walking art journey by Hazel Evans

How do we bring the picture out of the page?

I've always been fascinated to see someone drawing live, how the lines and dots evolve in composition to create a visual story, and in doing this the artist takes you with them in the process of creation. I love this. Finding ways to bring the experience of drawing, out from the four edges of the page to create opportunities for a deeper engagement with the work, the story, the message. 

This is why there are some crossovers with some of my performance projects, as I investigate how llustration can be bought into the performance, as a live demonstration, as a gift, or an item that can be bought as a 'piece' from the whole project. This way, people get more than just a picture they like. The work has been created in an act of 'Pure Creation' itself and therefore contains an energy that is part of the 'gift' of the peice. 

Every piece contains a message, every item for sale, I consider as medicine for the purchaser. When we are drawn to 'like' something, we resonate with what we need. This I feel is my gift as an alchemist, Artist and Priestess, that I can bring alive the messages and stories that need to be shared, to inspire, transform.

Sometimes the illustration is simply observed as it is being made, other times, it is divided up to buy a piece, other times a collection is created in a process led journey with the images produced for sale. BUY ART HERE.


Project pages to come soon for - The Artist Salon, The Ink Mountains, Paper Forest and The Bookshelf 

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