Soul Prophecy Pictures


It's been coming for a while, wanting to put myself back on the page, because it always tells me something deeper about myself, and I did this again at the end of September 2019.

I put myself on the page, then I take my pen and see where it leads me. I don't know what is going to happen, I draw what I see, sense and feel and I let the pen and paper do the rest. Some might call it intuition, some might call it channelling ... for me it's a way of connecting to something greater than myself, to tell me more about myself and the world around me.

Often I have deep processes when I create an image. I go on a journey into the page with the ink, and I don't know where it will take me, but inner transformation is always inevitable.

In this latest piece I had such a journey through fear, and illumination, I wept and smiled. After I had completed it, I sat and stared at it for a long time. Letting it resonate through me. Then I had a vision of another women I wanted to ask and I questioned myself, 'Could I really invite others into this process?', then another woman arrived in my vision, so I asked them both ... and the circle widened.

The women reflect back to me how they feel about the work I create them into. 

How it works inside of them, and how the pictures are like an oracle, medicine for the soul... and so I have decided to continue and keep seeing which woman appears to me after I have finished the next one ... is it you?

Soul Prophecy Pictures is a working title, until I really know what this collection wants to be called. For now, this title gives a feel of what is potentially happening in the creation of these pieces. These images may form an oracle deck, as I will be writing about them as I create the collection, and women's reflections also play an important part of that.

Ultimately I will see, listen and open to where they lead me and what they want me to do with them, until then I will keep the flow going on this journey and see who wants to come along ...

... who will be next?

What if it is you?

Dear sister, When I finish a new image I have a vision of 1 - 2 more women to ask next. I cannot plan anything, as soon as I try to make things too fixed, the energy stops flowing, so I just feel like I have to follow what the journey of the art is telling me.... and I have no idea where it will lead ... maybe an oracle, maybe a book or exhibition .. or nothing but a beautiful collection of Oracle portraits ... I would love to do this with you, would you like that? 

BEFORE: As we work together I will ask you for a photograph or I may see one of your facebook page that speaks to me. Then I may message you when I start working on your piece so you can tune in to the energies if you like too. 

DURING: This is a process of surrender. I don't know what will come through for me to put on the page, I just follow what I see, sense and feel. This is a scary process for me sometimes as the personality wants to check, 'Is this okay? Can I really draw that? Will they like it?' But it is not about that. The work is of course personal, but it feels like it expands out into the greater field of consciousness for women's wisdom. Flowers, plants, trees, all nature, animals, objects becoming as medicine and wisdom for the viewer and connecting deeply into the wisdom of the body. I don't know what it all represents ... maybe you will? 

AFTER: When I have comleted the picture, I will message you with the image and I will add it to the collection here. I invite you take a few moments, or more, to sit with the image. Let it come in. Feel, see and listen how it speaks to you. Then let me know what arises for you, as your wisdom and reading of the image could well be added to the words I channel for each image ... potentially contributing towards an oracle for women. 

THEN: We sit back and enjoy! Bathe in the new images that come in and see how the circle of women, and the wisdom they bring, grows and expands.

Thank you for becoming a part of this circle of women, red thread ♥️

© All artwork remains the property of myself Hazel Evans, but please feel free to ask me if you would like to use this artwork for your personal purposes.


How and why I have done this over previous years

I don't know why, but there comes a time when I put myself on the page and see what happenes around me. I watch the pen draw lines dots and marks that translate what I am sensing and feeling, and then somehow, when I sit back and look at the picture, the picture tells me where I am and what is happening. Here are some examples below from 2012 and 2016. Now when I look back over the years since when I first began this process, I see how I have changed, grown, matured, and now feels the time to welcome many more women onto the page.

The Art Of Waiting

The Memory Keeper

In The Frame

The Oracle 

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