What you see on this website is my heart & soul, laid bare.

Illustration   |   Performance   |   Stories

Installation   |   Poetry   |   Sound 

Artistic direction & Workshop Facilitation

My art is created from deep within me. It flows from and through the inner and outer landscapes of my own mind, body and soul.

My own encounters, dreams, pain and joy provide the inspiration for me to embody my story and express my deepest self.

And yet the art I create is so much bigger 

than my own experience.

When we connect to inspiration and feel pulled into action by a vision or a feeling, we tune into the universe. The vastness of creation, the ecstatic delight of cosmic play, the sense of being one pulsing filament in a web of infinite creation, expression and interpretation.

                          Artist, viewer, writer, reader… all of us are divine creators of our own experience.

                                                                                             My deepest desire is for the expression I share here to spark inspiration in you.

For you to feel the call to take off the masks you wear, express yourself freely, and raise your voice to share your authentic truth. Your story matters. Your life is your own masterpiece. Delight in the power that it brings you.

"What goes on inside, is a reflection of what goes on outside and what goes on outside, moves me on the inside. I am in constant relationship with this beautiful dance of life and creation".

Do you feel this call? 

I invite you to join me on the path to self-empowerment and transformation through creation at 



  • Associate Artist at the UK's leading Arts Centre outside of London, Lighthouse, Centre for the Arts Poole
  • Co-Artistic Director & Founder -Valise Noire Storytelling Theatre  Supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund & Cultural Partners
  • Ordained Priestess of Love & Sacred Sexuality - Glastonbury UK
  • Guest Tutor and Mentor - Arts University Bournemouth & Bournemouth University. Mentoring award winning projects.
  • Cultural Olympiad Performer - Performances as part of the offiical 2012 UK Olympics program
  • International Performer for the Cultural Centre of France - Performing in leading cultural arts festivals in UK and France.

MA Illustration - (Cross pathways with Contemporary Performance) @ Arts University Bournemouth

BA hons Contemporary Art - specialising Visual and Performing Arts @ Nottingham Trent University

BTEC Tropical Habitat Conservation @ Just a little thing picked up whilst living in Tanzania on a conservation project

Diploma in French Language - Fluent French

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