HAZEL 2020

Writing the novel that has been waiting to be written

It had been 10 years since my last massive 'life changing yes' to my soul calling and it was now time for another one. At the end of 2018 it became clear that my premier desire was to focus on a project to my heart. An unfinished work. My life work. 

With the support and encouragement of family and friends in 2019 I began dedicating myself to writing my first novel. To take the story that has been bubbling inside of me for so many years, and interpreted already through my art, songs and performance and transform it into a new fairytale for aduts.

This is a story that revealed itself to me a the end of an epic exhibition, 2011-2012, when I looked on the back cover of the album that I had cretaed with Momo:tempo and saw a whole story unravel through me, I was stunned and knew one day I would have to write it. 

This story takes us through inner and outer landscapes of body, mind and soul as we follow a young woman on her journey to encounter the greater truth of her life and herself.

It is my intention that this story be publsihed widely, to inspire and open up portals within the hearts of it's readers to take courage to walk a path of transformation, to awaken and illuminate the truth of who we are for ourselves and humanity. 


This started as a personal illustation project alongside diving into illustrating for my book. Now more and more women are coming into the collection as the flow of pen meets paper, music in my ears, visions behind my eyes, creation through my core, receiving messages, connecting with .... whatever is out there ... whatever is in here ... I'm loving this journey.



I have been deepening my personal path of sacred and wild women's wisdom, learning from indigeouness cultures through ceremony work, shamanism and initiations, wisdom of nature, plants and the elements. As well as continuing to hold workshops and ceremonies to share this beautiful work of connecting our our bodies and inner wisdom as women. 

Nature is my teacher, opening me to the magic of life.

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