“Drawing on life experiences as a multi-sensual journey, I interpret the inner and outer workings of life though body and landscape.”

The Muse 

Awakening The Voice Within

CURRENT PROJECT ~ A new interactive outdoor performance by Hazel Evans

What you’re about to experience is a framework for listening.
Listening to what is real, inside of you. Listening to your inner guidance.
Listening to your truth. Listening to your heart.
The Muse. A new context for the voice within. Silent but omnipresent.
She’s the voice, the gift  that’s always whispering in our being.

It's time to stop what we thought we knew were the answers 

and liberate the unmanifested voice of the soul.

Woodland Springs - Commissioned as part of Dorset Inside Out Festival

As performers in this great act of life, I too have played my part. I have never been able to separate the visual from the physical, maybe this is because we as humans are it all. So I feel it is my duty, as a storyteller of life, to tell the story how it needs to be told and this, for me comes in the form of a full embodiment experience which means I have become a multi-discpiline artist. 

The message is the most important thing, then the medium follows, asking how best do I create this story? Then I find the way in, through my soul, to express it. My body, my mark making, my word writing, my voice singing; Making these stories of life come alive. 

I am passionate about sharing to inspire transformation, a pathway to immerse and discover something new. My work offers the audience something on all levels and if you wish to look a bit deeper there you will find a mirror to yourself. 



As well as Artistic Director and creator of my own projects, I am also commissioned to appear in International Cultural Arts Festivals, other artist's projects and as a guest speaker and mentor. I love working with other like minded creators who make work to inspire and let the audience become absorbed into the experience. Taking us further to explore ourselves and our connection to life through art and expression.  Contact me here.


Unsee The Future - Momo:tempo

Colour Dance - As part of Colourfest - Yoga, Dance and Theatre Festival of conscious Living

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