Life and art are not separate for me. Performance is a raw physical opportunity to share a story and create opportunities for people to engage, be inspired, and maybe see a part of themselves they never saw before, perhaphs even experience personal transformation. 

It is not about me. I just let the ideas pour out of me, and then, with reflection I can begin to understand the impact this had for the audience and why it was important for me to deliver this message. Presence is the key, so I don't ask too many questions in the creative process; Who am I to tamper with the pure source of creation that I feel runs through me? 

I tap in to something bigger than simply me and navigate through it by feeling and sensing. If I envision my audience all dressed up in science smocks I commission a costumer designer to make them for me. If I see myself painting my face red and hands gold in public, I do it; my ego doesn't always agree, but I just have to get on with it! It's important to keep the energy flowing and not let the ego get in the way.

I feel it is my duty, as an authentic storyteller of life, to tell the story how it needs to be told, embody and translate it, so a messsage can be shared. The message is the most important thing, then the medium follows as I ask 'How best can I deliver this?' Then I find the way in, throughmy soul to express it. Moving my body, making marks, writing words, opening my voice to share words or sing, creating ceremony; Making these stories of life come alive so others may be touched by the wonderment of life too.

If you connect the dots and read through the lines, 

you might just glimspe the story of my life!

artistic director     commissioned artist     ceremonialist

“Life is a multi-sensual journey navigating emotions and experiences.

I interpret these inner and outer passages using body and landscape.”

Woodland Springs - Commissioned as part of Dorset Inside Out Festival



As well as Artistic Director and creator of personal projects, I am also commissioned to appear in international cultural arts festivals, artist's projects and as a guest speaker and mentor for organisations, Universities and festivals. Below a selection.

Unsee The Future - Momo:tempo

Colour Dance - As part of Colourfest - Yoga, Dance and Theatre Festival of conscious Living

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