Awakening The Voice Within

The Muse is a new interactive outdoor performance piece by Hazel Evans

What you’re about to experience is a framework for listening.
Listening to what is real, inside of you. Listening to your inner guidance.
Listening to your truth. Listening to your heart.
The Muse. A new context for the voice within.
Silent but omnipresent.
She’s the voice, the gift  that’s always whispering in our being.

It's time to stop what we thought we knew were the answers 

and liberate the unmanifested voice of the soul.

Utrecht & Amsterdam 22 November 2018 Full Moon


Read the story below for an outline of the context of The Muse project. More information coming soon. 


This is a simple interactive performance. If you feel inspired when watching, please join in. 


Pilot performances in Utrecht and Amsterdam with the Full Moon on 22 November 2018 


Hazel has created this piece to support the rising awakening of consciousness. More info soon.

The Revolution of The Muse ~ The Story by Hazel Evans

Leaving the gaze of the artistic interpreter, she gets up from the pillows and comes into real life manifestation. With grace and open heart, she invitingly guides the artist into relaxation, to take the place of rest, on the pillows.

Without the muse the painter is nothing. Just a human with paint and brushes. She is the gateway of inspiration. Without her there is nothing to live for, she is a pure expression of nature, creativity and sexuality. Time is now, stepping into truth, feeling her innate primal power rushing through her blood. 

She rules her body, she is no longer a museum artefact. She rules her creativity, she is no longer bemused. She rules her sexuality, she is no longer amusement.

She is present. Her silence is omnipresent. Yet, she has a voice. Her voice. A soft strong, open hearted powerful voice. The voice of love, compassion and gratitude. She is everything every human being is. She is a-muse, holding attention for transformation and revolution.

And so, as the old tired painter; tired of thinking, measuring and meticulously calculating the art, lays in a soft bed, the Muse picks up the brushes and starts painting. Translating her Intuition, soulful connection and primal energy, she hides nothing. Letting all the colours stream in abundance, bursting out of the tubes and onto the canvas, she is alive. Moving, singing, dancing, painting, weaving energy. Embodied feminine, she is the art. Manifesting her power to be seen, heard, experienced, penetrating life with her pure radiance of love.

Humbly holding the space with her grace, the tired painter rests in her presence. Safe to rest, safe to repose in the softness of the pillows, safe to be seen, safe to simply experience her essence, safe to witness her beauty as she shines. Finally safe to feel what has been missing all this time. Freedom to feel it all.

Now is the time to lay the old ways to rest, with gratitude and love. Time to stop what we thought we knew were the answers and liberate the unmanifested voice of the soul. We know enough, now is the time to feel a new way, be inspired by love and enter into the revolution of the Muse.

© Hazel Evans 2018 - All rights reserved 

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