A Tiny Window Into The Universe

1 painting transformed into 39 tiny works of art

These tiny landscapes are created with embodying and transmitting the energies of the Moon and are meant for sharing the awakening feminine connection with the powerful expansive moon energies. Created with the enegies of the Moon, this painting has been divided into 39 tiny Moon Icons. There are three rows, each with 13 individual paintings. The name of the whole painting is Celestial Embodiment Illumination, each word representing a full cycle of the moon's 13 phases. Each piece has been further painted into, guided by the energy that wants to come through each window from the universe. 

Place your Moon Icon in your sacred space, use as a focus for meditation, energy embodiment, 

calling in guidance and illumination of the Moon. 

Choose Your Piece

I want to share this process of creation with you

Personalised Piece

Not all moons have been painted yet and I want to give you the opportunity to choose your piece and I will channel your moon image especially for you. 


Moon Icon €47

Original art by Hazel Evans, Canvas painted with acrylics, golden and silver inks. Mounted on handcut and painted wood, each piece is approx 5.5 x 7cm. 


Choose your Moon Icon and I will personalise it by channelling energy, 

creating an image of the moon that wants to come through for you


Each Moon Icon comes with a signed and numbered a certificte of authenticity on the reverse. 

There is also a cord for hanging on the wall.


To keep your Moon Icon safe and easy to travel with, each piece comes wrapped in red cotton fabric.


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