There is a gift in every encounter. Every person we meet. 

And beyond the personality is where the real gifts are, with the soul. 

This is where we truly meet each other. 




In September 2019 I began drawing for myself again. I felt something stirring inside, calling me to put myself on the page, and reveal through the drawing something deeper. As I made this piece, to the left, it took me on a deep inner journey. I felt myself dying. Tears flowed as I drew, watching the illustration emerge, I felt and read it like an oracle message. Then I saw other women as I was drawing and knew I had to share this process with them, for them. I smiled and knew that my work was no longer about me, what a relief. And so the Soul Prophecy Collection began...     READ MORE HERE

JOIN  THE  COLLECTION?  13 places available for commission

Women are asking how they can become part of the collection. So I have created 13 commission places. Alongside my personal process, I have opened the possibility for others to join the journey; receiving messages and unlocking wisdom through the creative process. You will recieve your portrait, created like a oracle reading and I involve you in the process. You then become part of the collection and I send you a digital version and signed print.    PURCHASE HERE

"Not often a woman gets to receive 

such an incredible, beautiful, precious soul gift as this.

Hazel is a supremely gifted channel, artist and creatrix."

S.S. London UK

Let’s meet in the garden of the soul
And let the stories unfold

The women reflect back to me how the image resonates with them. How it works inside of them, and how the pictures are like an oracle, medicine for the soul. It feels like a magical process.

"Your artwork is becoming more and more a medicine for the individual and the collective." 




One line at a time, opening and trusting in this process, I am creating an oracle deck. It's a beautiful process of listening, seeing and creating. Letting the messages come and interpreting them though pictures and words. 



13 places available to commission your portrait as part of the collection. 


"When I sat in meditation to tune in with you Hazel, I was in such a blessed space and indeed, felt the divine blessings pouring down into my crown and through my entire being ! Every time I sit in stillness, this happens now... it feels like downloads/upgrades... a re-constitution of my being from a cellular heart is struggling a little to let such immense grace in fully....I am breathing with that. Thank you for this gift of love and light with all my heart." 

Image 13. Mariette. Original photograph by

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